Statistic Tourist 2008

Cambodia Tourist Statistic 2008 (From January - July in 2008) - Ministry of Tourism, Kingdom of Cambodia's report on January and August 2008, visitor arrivals to Cambodia was 1,398,557; an 10.1% increase compared to the same period of 2007; Siem Reap Angkor arrivals had increased with 722,944 visitors, with a share of 51.7%; while Phnom Penh and other destinations had brought in a total of 675,613 visitors with 48.3% share.

I. Total Visitor Arrivals to Cambodia in July 2008 was: 123,047Pax

Air 747,290
- Phnom Penh 336,885
- Siem Reap 410,405
Land & Waterway 452,647
- Land 410,302
- Boat 42,345
Same-day Visitor 42,522



statistic 2008

Mode of Arrivals

The total number of visitor arrivals in Cambodia by all mean of transportations in
Junly 2008 was 144,223, an increase of 0.6%. This consisted of flights that had been
scheduled through the Phnom Penh and Siem Reap International Airport and all the
international border check points.
  • Phnom Penh International Airport had 43,793 visitor arrivals this month, representing
    30.4%, with the decrease of 1.9%, Siem Reap International Airport dominated 39,449 visitor arrivals, with 27.4% of share.
  • Arrival by Land & Waterways, which made up about one-third of the
    total number of visitor arrivals 60,981, a 32.0% increased.
  • Visitors arriving by land comprised of 56,985 with a share of 39.5%.
  • Waterways made up of 3,996 visitor arrivals (2.8%), giving it an increase of 37.9%.

Top ten markets arrivals

From January – July 2008, South Korea visitors maintained their position, being at the top with (14.5%) of the market share. Other key markets included Vietnam (9.7%) of market share, Japan (7.2%), the United States of America (7.2%), and China (6.3%).  Visitor arrivals from Thailand (+42.6%)Taiwan, China (-21.0%) UniteKingdom (+15.2%), France (+14.0%), Australia (+25.5%). Growth from long haul market although the United States of America, the United Kingdom, France remained and Australia in the top 10 market arrivals countries.


Statistics & Tourism Information Department, Ministry of Tourism

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